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Hotels are too focus on short-term development brand difference tone will be exhausted

Date: 2019-06-20

In 1984, New York club 54 (Studio 54) partner Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager co-founded Morgan Hotel (Morgans Hotel).Later, the French Philippe him design Royalton and Paramount hotel, called a boutique hotel (lifestyle) of the new era.Cool, fashionable and chic hotels attracted social space including writers, local residents and hotel guests gathered.

The occurrence of boutique hotel, let "luxury" hotel become less expensive for the first time, the decoration of the hotel bar is no longer just don't make money.Boutique hotel became the most exquisite gathering place in New York, for the new definition of "luxury hotel industry was born.

Subsequent imitators Starwood (Starwood), and later acquired the Marriott in Starwood (Marriott) have planted the new concept of Schrager W Hotels (W), welcomed by the global customers of all ages.Boutique hotel prices in par with traditional luxury hotel, in many cases even higher.Later, Lan Schrager help marriott make the Edition hotel again.

And after W and Edition, and how many really have differential luxury hotel?The vast majority of "luxury" is actually "traditional" luxury hotel.Luxury hotel areas there are a lot of brands, but how to define and distinguish between luxury hotels and luxury hotels, and there is no real standards.Some trademark, the legendary hotel, over the years has been successfully set up his own brand.It is estimated that the global total of nearly 2 m five-star hotel is listed as "luxury".

A lot of hotel brand lacks its significant features.If the hotel in the brand, the new operators can almost seamless took over, and this means a lack of differentiation brand tonality.

The truth is, all the hotel brand claims has a unique brand position, however, the consumer is difficult to detect the real difference between brand, also cannot be loyal to the brand.So, the choice of the consumers will be looking for more online and the most preferential price.

Then why didn't the hotel brand do real differentiation?

The stand or fall of the hotel is mainly decided by the hotel's facilities and staff's service quality, as well as the guest experience, rarely determined by the hotel's operation efficiency.

The hotel's facilities is different, but in addition the differentiation of how to show?

Most traditional luxury hotels operating in a similar standard, they and the same quality supervision consulting firm cooperation, luxurious standard on all fours.

On the surface, uniform standard provides guests with stable expectations, but only on standard implements comprehensive experience elements, can truly benefit.Otherwise, luxury hotels and real luxury experience are hard to come by.