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Located on Beijing's bustling Wangfujing pedestrian shopping street,  the Prime Hotel (Beijing Huaqiao Dasha) is within easy reach to popular Beijing tourist attractions like the Forbidden City,  Tian'anmen Square,  Beihai Park and Jingshan Park.       This Beijing hotel offers a great variety of well-equipped accommodations including superior rooms and executive suites.[View Detail]     

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  • lionwei
    Rooms are too old! front desk too slow
  • clairesun99
    All right
  • liangrongrong
    Convenient is near from the business circle.
  • leosun925
    Convenient, near from the famous scenic spots in Beijing, hotel facilities and services were good, rooms are OK, it's biggest advantage is that the hotel room service of high quality.
  • rmgrimm
    That's good
  • Augice
    Good o ^ _ ^ 1!~~~~~
  • beryl522
    General moved nice, service, extra bottle of mineral water will not work, improvement
  • joan-T
    Telling the truth this hotel is good. go to Wangfujing is also convenient.
  • ge76yap
    Hotel Wangfujing walking 5 minutes or so, just 300 meters from the subway station, convenient. is outside in the construction at night near the noisy on the street side, on sleep requirements are not very high but I can fall asleep. hotel room than the larger facilities were a little old, but the health is good.
  • e00001246
    Excellent hotel. Good location, not far from the forbidden city. Hotel staff friendly, all administrators speak English. SamplesLem with intercourse was not. Stayed at this hotel 3-rd time.
  • e00459822
    General feel also is good of, next to Beijing also will staying of, compared comfortable quiet. said is five-star somewhat reluctant, regardless of from area facilities service environment, are alone 5 star. but this price in Beijing also is can of. no breakfast as 5 star somewhat singular, if has breakfast even price slightly rose is also not effect tourist of. season of Beijing even General shortcut hotel are to rose to 500 around. traffic also is convenient, hotel out door right turned on has bus,Go a moment Bell has East four metro station, 5, and Line 6 line are in there ride. room compared quiet, but if not open curtains lights light is dark (didn't several lamp). hanger is ample. bathroom space compared big. may Hotel compared old, room has mosquito bite people also compared badly, later we to Beidaihe live of nursing home are no mosquito. air conditioning is foot midnight will frozen woke up. front desk of service is good, handle staying compared slow, although is ahead of scheduled of room and to Beijing day also electricWords contact had, but two points handle staying Shi are no clean room to,. daily of clean compared late, we to play at two o'clock in the afternoon back are no clean, phone contact Hou, cleanup good are at three o'clock has somewhat effect rest. away from shop procedures very fast. Hotel no breakfast, we are is Metro to gokokuji eat, later because holiday driver on in hotel next of snack bar solution, also good is clean taste also is good. around environment somewhat poor opposite in construction, near of longfu Temple is inConstruction, no big supermarket, only a family convenient shop. wants to buy fruit eat compared trouble. hope next to Beijing staying around of environment became good some. zhiqian see evaluation said has seasons people Fu duck shop, fundamental not! that is 'Beijing duck', to eat seasons people Fu to sat bus to East 40 article, or hotel out of Wangfujing Street has been go to lights mouth, go is far! there is!
  • LEO599667
    Hotel is good, is old furniture, should time's sake, but the health of very nice, comfortable to use, recommend
  • findway
    With colleagues with holiday. colleagues very discontent meaning. room didn't acting clean had. WiFi in toilet signal best. lying bed Shang basic no. plug not in bed. slippers a week also only to a double. bath Shi found didn't to bathing liquid. daily deficiency of things not as. away from Metro also is far of. bus convenient, so and eggs. out basic playing of.
  • almdudler
    In General, the price it had to be in Beijing
  • dengyf
    Building on what is convenient to eat. perimeter was old decoration very nice room too small.
  • ilovedaniy
    Worth staying
  • e00012531
    Good location, convenient.
  • outofwall
    Very good, will come again, and Nice, good location convenient to the theater to see the show and Wangfujing shopping
  • cola2
    Environment is very good
  • e00088634
    Hotel facilities slightly older, but the service was good, location good, cost-effective
  • ccbb1231
    Older hotel room card no one can smooth brush to lift up and open the door at the front desk service doctrine did not inform guests in advance with full House dwell no longer continued and finally ask the guests forced to leave
  • lawanawung2009
    Hotel is really good! the room spacious and clean! I am taking the kids to, the children loved it!
  • e03612165
    Close to the Wangfujing Street, the transportation is convenient, very good facilities, like the century Golden resources group, a good five star hotel
  • D03073215
    Service is good, the rooms comfortable, clean, convenient, good, bed was comfortable, room was very large. value. value for money, and later also lived here.
  • man0102
    Swimming pool is too small, Nice going out is very convenient at the Wangfujing Street
  • ariel8136
    Hotel transportation is convenient, but the hotel facilities, and overall feel very general.
  • yueric89
    Facilities and equipment is too old
  • bjttwendy
    Which is very nice
  • ~ ~ ~ ~ Tibetan antelope
    Just cut on Wangfujing Street, convenient to the attractions around, my whole trip with UBER, very convenient and cheap, go out there, not afraid of being a taxi cheat! free promotion!
  • xuesuwen
    Near Wangfujing, find, nice, service was good
  • ling_laura
  • cnedy
    Lived for nearly ten years, as that is good
  • cmomo
    Rooms are too old
  • feel428
    Breakfast is getting worse
  • gembongx
    Decoration for too long some of the old carpet is fed up with the replacement of other good
  • catmos19
    A good hotel. Located not far from the forbidden city. The rooms are clean, staff is friendly and speaks English. Difficulties with communication is not ...ikalo.
  • railway
    Well may house prices in Beijing high bar Executive room is the space of the room is a bit small I live OK
  • lirong5693
    The overall feeling of the room is good, location is kind of limbo, this price than at Beijing Hotel, not much more expensive
  • satellite333
    A very good environment, clean
  • cicilei
    Good service very convenient comfort with shopping
  • clean-jie
    Good location for around Wangfujing, dongdan, room comfortable
  • cindy0970
    Hotel because for a long time, normally four buildings have a swimming pool, kids wanted to go, but because my wife can't swim, not to go with her, to be regretted.
  • Moiyang
    It wasn't too bad
  • yngtaro
  • e00928367
    All right
  • davidjd
  • evilyang
    Very good! in the city center, old hotel, very convenient. can go to Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square and around the front door. in General, the beautiful environment, price, convenience, good service.
  • caolinjiangwei
    A good environment, very much, have a nice place to live in the future
  • anansega
    That's no problem
  • limicarol
    Nice hotel worthy of recommendation