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Shanghai Disneyland receives 5.5 million tourists in 2020, recovering to 52% of 2019

Date: 2021-04-05

On April 1, the theme exhibition of the first Shanghai Tourism Industry Expo officially opened, and the 2020 Shanghai tourism report card was also announced. In 2020, Shanghai received 236 million domestic tourists and achieved domestic tourism revenue of 280.95 billion yuan, which is more than the national average. The levels are 18% and 20% higher respectively. It is expected that by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, on the basis of 2020, Shanghai's total tourism revenue, tourism investment, and the number of scenic spots with tens of millions of annual visits will be doubled.

   200,000 visitors were attracted 3 days before the Expo

Previously, on March 29th and March 30th, Shanghai International Hotel and Catering Industry Expo and Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo were held respectively at Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center and Pudong New International Expo Center. Ushered in overwhelming popularity.

Today, the theme exhibition of the Shanghai Tourism Industry Expo and the Shanghai International Boat Show & Lifestyle Shanghai Show were unveiled at the Pudong World Expo Exhibition Hall. More than 5,000 exhibitors gathered in the three major exhibition halls of 600,000 square meters, connecting the entire tourism industry chain and becoming an outbreak. The world's largest travel expo ever since. According to the organizer's statistics, the number of visitors in the first three days of the Shanghai Tourism Expo has exceeded 200,000, indicating that China's tourism industry has resumed its growth vitality and the industry has great potential.

   In the more than a year since the outbreak, the tourism industry has ushered in many changes and new trends. Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, stated in his speech at the "2021 Shanghai Tourism Industry Summit Forum" that in recent years, tourism consumption has increasingly become a rigid need for a well-off life, a necessity for a better life, and a standard for quality life, and it is an important force supporting the new development pattern. From the demand side, there are three changes in tourism consumption. First, the tourist destination has changed from global travel to domestic travel and local travel. Picnic tours and surrounding tours are very popular. Shanghai’s country boutique homestays and theme resort hotels have repeatedly experienced the phenomenon of "hard to find a room" on weekends and holidays, which is powerful. Promoted and activated the Shanghai consumer market.

Second, the mode of travel has shifted from group tours to family tours and customized tours. Private groups with family-based groups with only 3 to 5 people on average have emerged. In some popular routes and destinations, private groups account for more than 20% . Third, tourism preferences have shifted from traditional sightseeing tours to vacations, leisure and in-depth experience. The epidemic has made slow-paced, themed, and immersive tourism a "sweet pastry". In 2020, Shanghai Disneyland will receive 5.5 million tourists, which is equivalent to 52% of 2019, and its annual revenue is equivalent to 54%. It is the world's best large-scale theme park that has recovered since the epidemic.

   "Shanghai Tourism" double plan will be implemented

   On the other hand, the supply side of the cultural tourism market is also undergoing digital transformation, and technology empowerment has become an important path for the development of the industry. For some time to come, integrated cultural and tourism consumption will gradually replace the single ticket economy and become the point of income growth in the future. Scenic spots will move from "ticket economy" to "industrial economy", and the multi-industry integration of "tourism+" and "+tourism" tourism business and sports exhibitions Become the norm.

In this context, how can Shanghai tourism embark on a path of high-quality and resilient growth? In response, Fang Shizhong said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shanghai will implement the "Shanghai Tourism" doubling plan and achieve Shanghai's growth by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Development indicators such as total tourism revenue, tourism investment, and the number of tens of millions of tourists have doubled.

   The "Shanghai Tourism" doubling plan will mainly include four major development points. In terms of smooth internal circulation and concentrating efforts to develop the domestic tourism market, Shanghai will take the opportunity of celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party, based on the red culture, Shanghai style culture, and Jiangnan culture, to comprehensively promote the in-depth integration of cultural and tourism, and comprehensively enhance the "red classic tour" and "Pujiang" Cultural and tourism boutiques such as "Visit" and "Buildings can be read". Combining with the micro-renewal of the city, create more new tourism spaces shared by both the host and the guests.

  In terms of focusing on new consumption and developing new forms of cross-border integration, Shanghai will vigorously develop "tourism+" and "+tourism" to foster new growth in tourism consumption. Encourage market entities to extend the industrial operation chain and improve diversified supply capabilities. At the same time, Shanghai will strengthen the empowerment of "new infrastructure" and accelerate the construction of smart tourism application scenarios. This year, it plans to build 20 smart scenic spots and 600 smart hotels, deepen online and offline interaction, and create a new era of smart tourism. At the same time, under the normalized situation of epidemic prevention, strengthen the ability to respond to tourism crises and build a global tourism safety net.